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Hasanah Chalti (Comprehensive Shari’ah Based Investment Solution for CMSMEs)
Hasanah Chalti offers you (CMSMEs) the Working Capital Financing by way of purchasing /procurement of the related raw materials/goods, purchasing /procurement of goods /materials to execute Work Order(s), etc
Investment Purpose:
To expand business and operating capital by way of purchasing the related raw materials and procurement of goods.
To meet working capital requirement by way of purchasing the related raw materials and procurement of goods.
To execute work/supply orders awarded by different government /semi government organizations, autonomous bodies or other authorities accepted to the bank.
To meet day to day operational expenses related to advance payment for wages/salary, utility bills
Key Features:
Investment Mode: Bai Muajjal, Istisna, Bai Salam
Investment Ceiling: Minimum : BDT 5Lakh (Bill purchase min for BDT 1 Lakh)
                                 : Maximum: BDT 500 Lakh
Investment Tenor : 1 year- 5 years
Investment Processing Fee : Nil
Entrepreneur Age: At least 21 years
Business Age : 2 years
Necessary Document:
Valid Trade License and / or any other license ( if applicable)
Photo of the proprietor / Partners and guarantors
National ID
Notarized partnership deed/registered by sub Register Office ( in case of partnership).
Memorandum & Article of Association in case of Private Limited company
Bank statement of transactional account
Statement of all active bank loans ( if any)
Others (as applicable)
Registered mortgage of Immovable Properties / ownership of rental assets / Joint Registration
Hypothecation on all present and current assets- raw materials, work in progress, finished goods, stocks, receivables, trade advances
Lien on cash or cash equivalent financial instruments with any bank, NBFI or government- Cash security, MTDR / Fixed Term deposits, Savings Scheme etc
Others as applicable
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