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Laksma Puron Deposit Scheme (LPDS)
Laksma Puron Deposit Scheme (LPDS) is a special kind of deposit scheme where the depositor will earn the desired amount of deposited money in certain tenure of maturity against a certain amount of instalment.
Attractive Interest Rate
Maturity tenures of 3, 4, or 5 years.
Automatic realization of monthly instalments
One person can open more than one “Laksma Puron Deposit Scheme”
Loan/overdraft facility against deposited amount
Free eye checkup facility for the scheme holder at Prime Bank Eye Hospital
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The desired amount, monthly instalment, tenure and interest rate:
Desired Amount (BDT) Monthly Instalment (BDT)
3 Years @ 3.25% 4 Years @ 5% 5 Years @ 5%
50,000.00 1,325 940 735
100,000.00 2,650 1,880 1,470
200,000.00 5,300 3,760 2,940
300,000.00 7,950 5,640 4,410
400,000.00 10,600 7,520 5,880
500,000.00 13,250 9,400 7,350
600,000.00 15,900 11,280 8,820
700,000.00 18,550 13,160 10,290
800,000.00 21,200 15,040 11,760
900,000.00 23,850 16,920 13,230
1,000,000.00 26,500 18,800 14,700
*This offer is subject to any amended or supplemented from time to time by the banks term & condition
*15% VAT is applicable on all fees and commission as per Govt. Circular no SRO 117-LAW/2002/342-VAT dated June 06, 2002.
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