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Master Debit Card
Master the power of money with us! Withdrawal or shopping was no easier and convenient ever before! Prime Bank offers you Master Debit Card; the fast, secure and convenient way to withdraw cash and convenient transactions at different Master Card branded POS terminals. If you are a SD/CD/STD account holder of Prime Bank, you can avail this debit card and can master over 1300 ATMs all over Bangladesh and can get privilege in the Master Card branded POS or Master Card branded network.
Key Features
Cash Withdrawal
You can enjoy free-of-cost cash withdrawal facility from any Prime Bank’s ATM booth. You can also withdraw cash from any Master Card branded ATM booths of other banks.
Transaction at MasterCard Branded POS
‘No fee’ to use our card to make purchases; so enjoy purchases over millions of Master Card Branded merchant outlets for shopping, dining and living in Bangladesh.
Balance Enquiry
Master debit card offers you free Balance Enquiry facility at any ATM booth of Prime Bank.
Mini Statement
Enjoy the free Mini Statement printing facility at any ATM booths of Prime Bank. It allows you to print the mini statement of your last 10 transactions and the current balance.
Transaction Limit
You can conduct up to five transactions in a day
Daily Spending Limit:
Our debit card allows you the following spending limit-
- ATM : up to Tk. 50,000.00 - POS : up to Tk. 1,00,000.00
PIN Change
You are requested to change the PIN number of your debit card for the first time at any ATM booths of Prime Bank
How to Apply
Collect the Master Debit card application form from any branch of Prime Bank.
Fill up the account details.
Read the instructions properly before signing.
The application form must be signed by the account holder.
Submit the form to your respective branch offices.
Prime Bank will provide you password and debit card.
Protect Your Debit Card
Please memorize your PIN number. Never reveal your PIN number to anyone and keep the card’s security. Keep the hotline number in a separate location.
Fees and Charges
Features Fees and Charges
Prime Bank ATM NPSB ATM Other MasterCard Branded ATM
  Issuing Charge (Only for the first time)   Tk. 500 + 15% VAT   -   -
  Annual Service Charge   Tk. 500 + 15% VAT   -   -
  Card Replacement Charge   Tk. 300 + 15% VAT   -   -
  PIN Replacement Charge   Tk. 300 + 15% VAT   -   -
  Cash withdrawal Fee   Free   Tk. 15 (Including VAT)   Tk. 150 per transaction
  Balance Enquiry Fee   Free   Tk. 5 (Including VAT)   Tk. 30 per transaction
  Unsuccessful transaction   Free   -   Tk. 30 per transaction
  Mini Statement   Free   Tk. 5 (Including VAT)   -
*All fees and charges mentioned above may be changed without notice.
Contact Us
If your debit card gets stolen/lost.
If your card doesn't function and you need a replacement card.
To report unauthorized transactions.
For details please feel free to contact us at-
Dhaka Services Ltd (4th floor)
1/C DIT Avenue, Motijheel C/A,
Phone:+ 88 02 9585483-4 (Ext: 703, 711)
Hotline: 017 5560 5116
Fax: + 88 02 9515343
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