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Secure, Fast & Paperless PIN Generation via IVR
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) PIN Generation is a process for creating a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) using an automated voice response system and keypad inputs. This PIN is used to authenticate the cardholder's identity when making transactions. IVR PIN Generation is designed to be secure and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information or accounts. The IVR system is encrypted to protect the transmission of information.
Applicable Cards for IVR PIN Generation
At present, IVR PIN generation is only available for:

- All Visa, MasterCard and JCB Primary Credit Cards and
- All MasterCard and JCB Debit Cards

Supplementary Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards are currently not within the scope of this service. This service will be extended to include these types of cards soon.

IVR PIN generation can be used not only to set a new PIN, but also to change an existing PIN for a Credit or Debit Card.
24/7 Instant PIN Generation
Generate or change your PIN via IVR anytime and from anywhere. Successfully generated PIN via IVR is usable right way.
How to set or change a PIN
Step by step guide for PIN Generation is as follows:
Call our 24/7 Contact Center at 16218
Select your preferred language
Press "1" for Card Services
Press "1" again for PIN Generation
Enter your 16-digit card number
Contact Center executive will receive your call
Verify yourself by answering security questions
Contact Center executive will forward the call to IVR flow
Enter your preferred 4-digit PIN number
Re-enter your preferred 4-digit PIN number
Confirm your new PIN by pressing "1"after IVR reads you your new PIN
Receive confirmation SMS in your registered mobile number
Start using your card with the new PIN right away
Fees and Charges for PIN Generation via IVR:
  Particulars   Fees
   PIN Set or Change via IVR for all Primary Credit Cards Free
  PIN Set or Change via IVR for all Debit Cards Free
Set Your Own Personalized PIN
Prime Bank IVR allows you to choose your own 4-digit PIN.
Protect Your PIN
It is important to choose a strong, unique, and memorable PIN to protect the security of your card. Avoid using easily guessable information such as your birthdate, birth year, sequential numbers, repetitive numbers, part of your phone number etc. as your PIN. If you suspect that your PIN has been compromised, immediately let us know by calling our 24/7 Contact Number at 16218 for necessary actions.
PIN Generation for Supplementary Credit Cards or Prepaid Cards
Supplementary Credit Cardholders and Prepaid Cardholders will receive their PIN through a paper-based PIN Mailer. For Supplementary Credit Cardholders, the PIN will be delivered to their registered address, while Prepaid Cardholders can collect their PIN from their registered Prime Bank Branch. If you need a new paper-based PIN for your Supplementary Credit or Prepaid Card, please send an email to from your registered email address.
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