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Why Get a Prime Bank Credit Card?
Get the Prime Bank Credit Cards and experience the infinite amusements of life! Choose from our wide range of card products of Mastercard, VISA and JCB brands as per your requirements to enliven your lifestyle.

Prime Bank Credit Cards are designed with a bunch of value added services. Please take a look over it and choose the right match for your needs.
No Hidden Charge:
Our most promising service is the zero hidden charge Credit Card facility. We only charge you that amount you have spent actually. We never put extra charges that bring you a burden.
Immediate Cash Advance:
In your hard time Prime Bank Credit card will stand behind you always. You can withdraw cash up to 50% of your available credit limit form any ATM worldwide that accepts Mastercard, VISA and JCB.
Up to 50 Days Interest Free Period:
PBL cards offer up to 50 days interest free period to let you enjoy the full privileged credit card facilities.
Auto Debit Facility:
If you have any account with any branch of Prime Bank, you have the option of making the payment of your monthly credit statement (either the minimum amount or the partial amount or the total amount due) directly through your bank account.
Free e-Statements:
Prime Bank offers the facility of e-statement via e-mail, completely free of cost which is a secured and electronic way to receive statement of accounts from the Bank. This is a fast, reliable and efficient service, which will minimize your paperwork and maximize convenience.
SMS Alert Service:
SMS Alert lets you keep track of your transactions conveniently, get remind on payment due date along with total outstanding and minimum payment.
Free Supplementary Card:
Prime Bank Credit Card permits you the opportunity to share the benefits of your card with your beloved ones by providing you supplementary cards. Being a primary cardholder, you have the option to set a spending limit for each of your supplementary cards. You are privileged to enjoy free supplementary card (T&C apply).
Free First Card Chequebook:
PBL credit card brings you the opportunity to enjoy cheque book facility. You can make payment (account payee only) to any person or organization of your choice. This cheque book is useful in situations where you cannot use your Credit Card (e.g. tuition fees, rent, etc). Enjoy your first card cheque book free.
'Shop N Earn' Loyalty Rewards:
We offer a loyalty program that rewards you every time you use Prime Bank Credit Card. Every specific amount spent on your Credit Card earns you Loyalty Points. The accumulated Loyalty Points can be redeemed for adjusting your dues.

When you and your Supplementary Cardholder spend, your Loyalty Points are accumulated faster as a combined effort. The enrollment of this program is free.
Prime FlexPay Facility:
Making your dreams come to life is now that much easier with Prime FlexPay. Choose as per your desire from any of the following two options:

PMI @ 0% interest: Make instant purchase from the PBL selected merchants and pay in installments @ 0% interest for the prescribed payment tenor. Check details in PMI merchant list.

Easy Pay Plan (EPP): Convert your local card transaction (POS transaction/Balance Transfer) and repay your dues within 36 in easy monthly payments with flat 10.99% p.a.
Triple Benefit Insurance Coverage:
PBL Platinum & World MasterCard Cardholders are entitled to avail 'Triple Benefit Insurance Facility' as follows:
Credit Life and PTD Insurance Program:
In case of unfortunate event such as death or permanent total disability (PTD), the entire dues as on that date gets waived and
Cardholder or nominee will receive equal amount.
Accidental Death Insurance:
In case of accidental death, nominee will receive an insurance coverage of BDT 1 million plus above two benefits.
International Airport Lounge Facility:
Free Access to Balaka VIP Lounge: PBL Platinum and World Cardholders are entitled to get free access to Balaka VIP Lounge at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport along with one companion.
Priority Pass Airport Lounge Program: PBL Platinum and World Cardholders are entitled to get free membership of Priority Pass Airport Lounge Program, the largest independent airport VIP lounge program in the world, with over hundreds of exclusive VIP airport lounge locations worldwide. Per visit charge is applicable as per schedule of charges.
Please visit for airport lounge details.
Free Priority Banking and Monarch Lounge Facility
PBL World Cardholders are entitled to enjoy free priority banking facility at PBL own Monarch Lounges.
Free Meet & Greet Service at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport :
PBL Platinum and World Cardholders will be indulged through a protocol service or assistance at the time during your airport check-ins and arrivals for international flights. Just call our Contact center and share your travel literary before 24 hours and enjoy the service free (T&C apply).
Convenient Payment Option:
When you receive your bill, you are not required to pay the entire bill amount at a time. We give you the privileges to choose any of the following payment options:
Pay the total amount due.
Pay only the minimum amount due (5% of your total outstanding or BDT 500 whichever is higher for local card and for International card 5% of your total outstanding) and the balance can be carried forward to subsequent statements.
Pay any amount ranging from the minimum amount due to the total amount due.
You can plan your payments conveniently, without putting any extra pressure on your finances.
Real-time Transaction and VIP Transaction Monitoring:
Prime Bank has incorporated the service of real-time transaction monitoring along with VIP transaction monitoring to take necessary actions in any unaccepted situation (Decline, Cross over credit limit etc) to render undisrupted service.
Lost Card Liability Transfer:
In case your card is lost or stolen, call the Prime Bank 24-hour Cards Center and report the loss of your card. A new card will be delivered to you within 48 hours of reporting this loss. Even you are protected from any financial liability arising out of transactions done on your missing card, from the time you report the loss to us (T&C apply).
Enjoy your every transaction with us!
Should you have any query, please call us at 16218 (Locally) or +88 09604016218 (From overseas). You can also email us at
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