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Phone Banking Service
Our Phone Banking Service provides 24/7 continuous support for you. The main services are:
Balance Enquiry: Customer will get account balance information.
Change TIN: Customer can change their TIN (Telephone Identification Number).
Activate ATM/Master Card: Customer can activate ATM/Master Debit card by dialing the service contact number.
Block ATM/Master Card: Customer can block ATM/ Master Debit card by dialing the service contact number.
Credit Card Available Limit: Credit Card user can get current available limit.
Credit Card Total Outstanding: Credit Card user can know credit card total outstanding bill amount.
Credit Card Minimum Payable Amount: Credit Card user can know minimum payable amount of last bill amount.
Credit Card Last Statement Generation Date: Credit Card user can know last statement generation date.
Credit Card Last Date of Payment: Credit Card user can know last date of payment for recent bill amount.
Service Accessibility
All account holders of Prime Bank or holding a Prime Bank Debit Card and Credit Card can get this service. To access this service customer must fill up the Phone Banking Application Form and must acknowledge the Terms & Conditions for the service.
Phone:+ 88 02 9585483-4 (Ext: 703, 711)
Hotline: 017 5560 5116
Fax: + 88 02 9515343
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