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Retail SOD (FO)
Retail SOD (FO) will enable you to serve your emergency requirement without en-cashing your FDR/ DPS with us. You can avail this facility by providing other Banks/ NBFIs FDR as well. Only serving the quarterly interest you can continue the credit facility.
Customer Segment
Customers who have banking relationship according to following category:
FDR with Prime Bank.
DPS and other deposit maintained with Prime Bank.
FDR with other Banks/ NBFIs.
Any legitimate purpose for personal use.
No processing fee.
No early settlement fee.
Minimum spread.
Quick processing time.
Early, full settlement allowed
Other bank security acceptable.
Joint applicant allowed.
Competitive interest rate.
Minimal documentation.
Customer Eligibility
Customers who have banking relationship according to following category:
FDR, DPS and other deposit with Prime Bank.
FDR with other Banks/NBFIs.
Age Limit
Minimum 18 Years.
Loan Amount
Minimum loan amount BDT 50,000.00 ( Taka Fifty thousand )
Loan to Value Ratio
Maximum 90% of principal value of Prime Bank FDR and Deposit Schemes.
Maximum 80% of face value/principal value of other Banks/NBFIs securities/instruments.
Repayment Method
Overdraft facility.
Loan Tenor
Loan tenor 01 (one) year (renewable).
Security Collateral
Cash / Cash equivalent Security.
Prime Bank may request for any other relevant documents, if necessary.
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