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Swapnashaj Home Loan
Make us your trusted partner in the renovation or extension of your dream home. We provide worthwhile credit services to beautify your paradise. We tender lucrative rate, convenient features and simple procedures. Your dream to renovate or extend your own house is only a matter of choice. And when you do decide, we will help you to make your dream come true.
Customer Segment
Employees of Multinational Companies (MNCs) and Large Local Corporate (LLC), foreign NGOs, aid agencies, UN bodies.
Contractual employees working as consultant/advisor/ researcher of UN organization/ADB/ World Bank/ International NGO’s/ other international organizations.
Professionals, employees of Government /Semi Govt. / Autonomous bodies and employees of Banks/ Financial Institutions and medium/ small enterprises.
Landlord/ Landlady.
Internal and external repairs, rearrangements, refurbish and extension of residential building or flat (not more than 20 years old).
Pay debts to suppliers for purchasing construction materials.
Takeover of house building loan from other Banks/Non Banking Financial Institutions not older than 15 year.
Maximum 6 months grace period. *
Phase disbursement is allowed.
Processing fee 1.25% of the loan amount for fresh applicants and 0% for the takeover loans.
Life insurance facility covering your payment obligations in the event of your death.
Competitive interest rate.
Additional loan amount is available for takeover loan.
Automatic realization of monthly installments.
Shortest loan processing time.
Loan facility for both Lease hold and Free hold properties.
Flexible repayment schedule.
Joint applicant allowed.
Early, full and partial settlement allowed.
Customer Eligibility
For permanent and confirmed salaried person, minimum one (1) year experience with 6 months employment in present organization.
For Businessmen, minimum one (1) year experience in the same line of business.
For Landlord/Landlady having 6 months rental income continuation.
Age Limit
Minimum: 22 Years (at the time of application).
Maximum: 65 years (at the end of loan tenor).
(Age limit can be relaxed in case of joint applicant provided).
Minimum Gross Salary/Income
BDT. 40,000.00 (Taka Forty Thousand) for salaried person of MNCs, LLC, Foreign NGOs and UN bodies.
BDT. 45,000.00 (Taka Forty Five Thousand)) for salaried person other than MNCs, LLCs, Foreign NGOs and UN bodies.
BDT.30,000.00 (Taka Thirty Thousand) for Govt. employees.
BDT. 50,000.00 (Taka Fifty Thousand) for Landlord/ Landlady.
BDT. 55,000.00 (Taka Fifty Five Thousand) for Businessmen.
Joint Applicant
Spouse, father, mother, daughter, sister, son, brother and in-laws.
Loan Amount
Minimum BDT 5,00,000.00 (Taka Five Lac).
Maximum BDT 1,00,00,000.00 (Taka One Hundred Lac).
Loan Tenor
Maximum loan tenor is 15 years including grace period.
Loan to Price Ratio
Maximum 70% of the total estimated renovation cost or 60% of the force sale value of the existing property or BDT.1,00,00,000.00 ( Taka Hundred Lac ) whichever is lower.
Security Collaterals
Registered mortgage of the concerned property.
Registered irrevocable power of attorney (RIGPA).
Insurance coverage.
One personal guarantee.
Required Documents
Recent passport size color photographs of applicant (s) and guarantor (s).
Photocopy of NID/passport/ driving license of applicant (s) and guarantor (s).
Copy of latest utility bill (gas/water/electricity/municipal tax).
Business card/ office ID of applicant (s) and guarantor (s) if any.
Latest tax certificate /E-TIN.
Personal net worth statements of applicant (s) and guarantor (s).
Bank statement of last 12 months for businessmen and 6 months for others.
Rent or lease agreement of house/property (if applicable).
Additional documents required for Salaried Person/ Self Employed
Salary Certificate/ Letter of Introduction.
Offer letter/Release letter from previous employer to prove service experience.
Professional certificate issued by concerned institution.
Additional documents required for Businessmen
Copy of trade license.
Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company.
Certificate of Incorporation.
Latest form xii.
Partnership deed.
Additional documents required for Landlord/Landlady
Title deed of premises / property.
Valid rental deed with tenants.
Utility bill copy.
Ground rent payment and municipal tax payment receipt.
* Condition Apply
Prime Bank may request for any other relevant documents, if necessary.
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