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Utility Bills Pay Service
Our Utility Bills Pay service will enable you to pay post-paid cellphone bills flexibly. You can avail the service at Prime Bank ATM booths or Information Kiosks round the clock. You need no to visit branches and bother standing in a queue not even need to carry cash to clear the bills.
Who can avail the service
Prime Bank ATM/Master Debit Card holders.
The Services are
Grameen post-paid cellphone bills only
ROBI post-paid cellphone bills only
Banglalink post-paid cellphone bills only
Airtel post-paid cellphone bills only
Utility Bills Pay Service provides 24/7 support and has the following features:
Card holder can make payments anytime at any Prime Bank ATM Booth conveniently.
Customer will receive auto-generated advice slip after the bills are paid
It is secured and you will be needed the ATM Card and the relevant PIN to access the facility.
Charges, fees on customers
Free of charge
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