Terms and Conditions of PBL Missed Call Alert Service
The following terms and conditions shall apply to the Users who will register their Mobile Phone Number for the Prime Bank Limited (PBL) Missed Call Alert facility.
  1. These terms and conditions shall be deemed to have read, understood, agreed and accepted by the User at the moment the User sends registration request in a prescribed format to the designated number specified by Prime Bank Limited.

  2. "User" shall mean a customer of Prime Bank Limited who has an account and/or credit card with the PBL and has registered his/her Mobile Phone Number for availing Missed Call alert service from Prime Bank Limited.

  3. This facility will enable the User to view in his/her Mobile Phone his/her Bank Account Information and card information with Prime Bank Limited, by giving a missed call to 09612216218 from his/her Mobile Number registered with PBL for this purpose by the User.

  4. The user will need to enroll for this service by a SMS typing "PBL MCA Account Number/Last Four Digit of Credit Card Number "and sending it to 16218. After sending the SMS, the Bank shall send the following message to the user:

    Please read T&C (link) for PBL MCA service before subscribing. Activating MCA means you have accepted T&C. To activate, type PBL MCA START & send to 16218.

  5. Upon receipt of the "PBL MCA START" message, the Bank shall send to the user message below:

    Message for confirmation of activation from Bank: PBL MCA Service activated. Give Missed Call to 09612216218 number to get your balance information. To unsubscribe, please type PBL MCA STOP & send to 16218.

  6. If the User, at any time want to unsubscribe and send the bank the PBL MCA STOP message, Bank shall unsubscribe and send to the user the following message:

    Message confirmation for deactivation: You have successfully unsubscribed from PBL Missed Call Alert service. To start the service again, type PBL MCA START and send it to 16218. PBL Helpline 16218

  7. The User can use this service for a maximum of 3 times a day.
  8. User do hereby empowers and authorizes the PBL to provide the Current Account and Savings Account information (Masking Account Number and Account Balance only) of all his Accounts, but not exceeding 4 accounts, with the bank through missed call alert service, over a single SMS.

  9. The user also empowers and authorizes PBL to send card Credit Card (Masking Card Number and outstanding & balance only) information which will be provided per card information, per SMS basis.

  10. User covenant that Prime Bank Limited shall not be liable and/or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any erroneous activities occurring as a result of User's device/mobile phone being used by another individual.

  11. User agrees that the service may be temporarily disrupted due to network error and which may cause delay in receiving SMS alerts.

  12. It is the User's sole responsibility to update PBL on any changes to their mobile phone number as it is an integral part of their Security of Information that allows the User to access information via Missed Call Alert Service.

  13. Prime Bank Limited shall not be liable for any errors in receiving SMS' due to mobile operator's failure.

  14. In using this service, the user must use the Service only on an Equipment that they own or control and only to access this service and agrees that, user will ensure security of their own mobile device.

  15. While using the Service, the users details such as registered mobile phone number with PBL authorizes to act on any Instruction received and provides the service. Hence user agrees registration of Mobile Phone Number for the Missed Call Alert Service is the consent from his side.

  16. User covenant that PBL shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any illegal, anti-social, objectionable, speculative, immoral activities or purposes, on account or violation of/or intrusion of privacy, misuse of any Information obtained via PBL Missed Call Alert Service.

  17. The User covenant that the User shall immediately instruct the Bank, in writing, to stop the service, in case the Mobile Phone is lost, missing, snatched or in any way transferred to others hand. In absence of such instruction, and before the receipt of such instruction in the Desk of the Bank, the Bank shall not be liable for any loss, damage etc. arising out of MCA.

  18. This missed call alert service is subject to all applicable laws, rules and regulations including Bangladesh Bank guidelines, as may be issued from time to time. PBL reserves the absolute right to stop this facility and / or alter and/or modify any of its terms and conditions at any time without giving any prior notice to the User.