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PrimePlus : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What is 'PrimePlus'?
PrimePlus is a digital account opening platform introduced by Prime Bank to Bangladeshi nationals having a valid NID. Using PrimePlus, customer can open individual savings and current accounts anytime without visiting any branch.

2. Can I open another account if I already have an account with Prime Bank?
You cannot open similar type of account. Example- if you already have savings account then you can't open savings account again. However, you can open current account in such case.

3. I am completely new to this bank having no earlier relationship with PBL. Can I open an account using PrimePlus?
Yes, you can. You just need to have required documents like NID and Nominee information etc.

4. What are the documents required for opening account using PrimePlus?
The requirement of document is based on your monthly transaction volume. If your monthly transaction volume is BDT 1 Lac or below, you need:
  • NID
  • E-TIN(if any)
  • Nominee Photo & ID (e.g. NID/Birth Certificate/Passport)

if your monthly transaction volume is more than BDT 1 Lac, you need:
  • NID
  • E-TIN(if any)
  • Nominee Photo & ID (e.g. NID/Birth Certificate/Passport)
  • Address Proof Document (e.g. Utility Bill Copy)
  • Income Proof Document (e.g. Salary Statement or Trade License for Business)

5. What if I don't have income proof document (Pay slip or salary certificate) available at the time of account opening?
Income proof document is mandatory by regulator if your monthly transaction amount is more than BDT 1 Lac. If your monthly transaction amount is less than or equal to BDT 1 Lac you do not need income proof document. However, you can visit your nearest branch anytime with supporting document to update your account.

6. Is mobile number mandatory to open account using PrimePlus?
Yes. You need to have valid Bangladeshi mobile phone number in order to open bank account. You will receive OTP in your mobile number while opening the account.

7. Is my mobile phone number and other details safe with you?
Yes. Your contact details are safe with us and confidentiality will be strictly maintained.

8. How do I upload my picture?
You need to take selfie using your device front camera with a proper lighting condition. System will check liveliness while taking selfie.

9. Why do I see a pop up message asking for a clear selfie image saying live photo not detected?
The live selfie image needs to be captured in a well-lighted condition and must match with the image of your NID. If your live photo doesn't match with your NID photo, we will not be able to open your account. Hence this message will appear.

10. My father's name was wrong in the NID. As a result, this wrong name is being captured in the system while opening the account. How can I use the correct name of my father?
The account will be opened with the un-editable static data fetched from EC database. If there is any incorrect data as per your NID, you can change it by visiting your nearest branch after submitting proper supporting document.

11. Is email address mandatory?
Yes. This email address is required to activate internet banking feature.

12. Is E-TIN number mandatory?
No, E-TIN is not mandatory. But you would have to pay source tax of 15% if you don't provide your E-TIN number, otherwise it will be 10%. And if you provide your E-TIN number you must upload your own E-TIN.

13. Is selecting a nominee mandatory for an account?
Yes. You must select a nominee as this is a mandatory requirement.

14. How many nominees can I select?
You can add up to 3 nominees.

15. In case of multiple nominees, do I need to provide information for all?
Yes. You need to provide information of all the nominees you add.

16. Can I add more nominees after opening an account in PrimePlus?
Once you open an account through PrimePlus, you cannot add nominee information later. If you want to add more nominees, you have to visit your nearest branch. Moreover, you have to mention % share of the nominees and the total of % share must not exceed 100%.

17. Do I need to upload the image of the nominee?
Yes, this is a regulatory requirement.

18. Can a minor be a nominee?
Yes. But the information of the Legal Guardian of the minor nominee must be filled up.

19. Is there any additional information requirement to be fulfilled in the app for minor nominee?
Yes. You have to provide Legal Guardian Name, NID number and Relationship with the minor information in addition to nominee information.

20. What is FATCA declaration?
FATCA declaration is a regulatory requirement.

21. What will happen if any of the declaration from FATCA is "yes"?
In this case, you have to come to the branch to open the account.

22. Can I get debit card if I open account using PrimePlus?
Yes you can. If you tick the debit card option During the digital account opening procedure. You will get Master debit card.

23. Can I get a cheque book if I open account using PrimePlus?
Yes you can. If you tick the cheque book option during the digital account opening procedure.

24. Why do I need to select a branch?
You need to select a branch because any service after opening the account will be served from your selected branch.

25. Which branch should I select?
You should select the nearest branch from your convenient location from the list of branches in the dropdown.

26. I am an existing customer of PBL. Can I open another account outside of my current branch?
Yes. You can select any desired branch from the dropdown list.

27. How will I be confirmed that my account opening process has been completed?
You will receive a confirmation SMS containing the account number in your registered mobile number.

28. How can I request for cheque book?
You have to select cheque book from other service option. But for availing cheque book you have to follow below instructions:
  • You must have minimum of BDT 500 in your account as balance
  • You have to visit the branch you have selected as your branch
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS after the cheque book is ready
  • You yourself have to visit the selected branch as the cheque book will be handed over to you only after verification.

29. How will I collect my Debit Card and Cheque Book?
You will have to receive Debit Card and Cheque Book from your selected branch.

30. How can I request for Altitude iBanking from PrimePlus?
You have to select internet banking from Banking Facilities option. You can download the Altitude app later from app stores.
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