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Bai-Muajjal is a contract between the Bank and the client (Seller and Buyer) under which the Bank (Seller) sells to the client (Buyer) certain specified goods (permissible under Shariah and Law of the country), purchased as per order and specification of the client at an agreed price payable within a fixed future date in lump-sum or by fixed installments.
Different Types of Bai-Muajjal
Bai-Muajjal Commercial: Investment for purchase and sale of goods to individual or Firm or Company for Trading purpose shall be termed as Bai-Muajjal Commercial.
Bai-Muajjal Industrial: Investment to Industrial undertaking in the form of supply of Machineries, Equipments, Raw Materials etc, will be termed as Bai-Muajjal Industrial.
Bai-Muajjal Agricultural: Investment to agriculture sector for supply of seeds, fertilizer etc, shall be termed as Bai-Muajjal Agriculture.
Bai-Muajjal Import: Investment for Import of goods from abroad shall be termed as Bai-Muajjal Import.
Bai-Muajjal … Scheme: Investment under any specific Scheme shall be termed as Bai-Muajjal... Scheme etc.
Salient Features
This is a system of investment whereby Bank will purchase goods according to your choice for onward sale to you.
Spot delivery is ensured.
Payment of the sale price is deferred for a fixed period.
Bank will transfer the ownership and possession of the goods to you before receipt of sale price.
Bank will bear the risk of goods after purchase until those are actually delivered to you.
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