Sustainable Finance

Bangladesh has been identified at specific risk from climate change due to its exposure to sea-level rise and extreme events and concentrated multidimensional poverty. To attain the global targets set through the Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Prime Bank is committed in mobilizing and channeling the immense financing and investment needed to achieve these targets. The Bank has integrated the concept of ESG into lending and investment strategy, product design through development of new products that have positive E&S impacts and lending and investment into green industries/projects.

Prime bank has set its strategy to prioritize green, sustainable linked finance projects and socially responsible financing initiatives. A special emphasis will be given to agricultural, CMSME (Cottage, Micro, Small & Medium sector as defined by Bangladesh Bank) sector. Bank is devoted in financing socially responsible projects that supports actions addressing a specific social issue and/or seeking to achieve positive social outcomes especially but not exclusively for a target population(s).

Prime Bank aims at promoting sustainable agriculture by financing in integrated farming systems and conservation agriculture in the specific sectors like agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fishery, agro-forestry, apiculture etc. Inclusive Sustainable Finance in CMSME aims to advance financial inclusion among the most vulnerable by building resilience and enabling mitigation to climate change.

Prime Bank has developed the skill and expertise to lead in the development of a green finance market given their unique position in facilitating financing flow through their lending, investment and advisory roles. Prime Bank encourages all kind of environment friendly initiatives like renewable energy, energy & resource efficiency, alternate energy, liquid & solid waste management, recycling & manufacturing of recyclable goods, environment friendly brick production, environment friendly establishments etc.