Community Inclusiveness

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) demonstrates to conduct business beyond profit making by taking interest in wider social issues and operate sustainably. Community inclusiveness is one of the pillar of CSR that integrates obligations to the community and embody cooperation, respect and participation. Prime Bank aims to prosper and progress forward with the whole community by its side leaving no one behind. As a responsible corporate entity, Prime Bank has always been cognizant about its responsibility to the vulnerable community aiming to make a measurable and meaningful impact.

COVID-19 has affected not only Bangladesh but also the world at a number of different levels and in a number of different sectors. It has affected all of the different major industries or sectors of societies – businesses, stock markets, government, military, religious institutions, public and private schools, nonprofit organizations, higher education and so on. Through the concept of CSR Prime Bank has adapted to apply at most of these levels and in most of these sectors.

In March 2020, Prime Bank has responded to the government’s call on relief accumulation and contributed BDT 50 million to Prime Minister’s Relief and Welfare Fund. The fund was created to procure personal protective equipment, testing kits, respiratory equipment and to stand beside the people whose livelihood was severely affected due to the pandemic. Additionally, Bank has distributed food relief worth 6.6 million in 4 districts of Khulna and Rajshahi Division in collaboration with ‘Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha’. Prime Bank also provided distributed medical equipment like medical bed, pulse oximeter, oxygen cylinder, ultrasonography with echocardiogram machine in 12 hospitals of 12 different districts worth BDT 11.1 million.   

Prime Bank is always responsive in the humanitarian crisis and stands beside the climate vulnerable and disaster affected people. Bank has donated 100 million for flood victims of Rangpur district through Prime Minister’s Relief and Welfare Fund.

Cold wave is a very common natural phenomenon in Bangladesh. The cold-stricken poor people of the north Bengal region of the country have been suffering a lot due to excessive cold wave during the winter season. Poor people are the worst affected. The harsh cold winter is sometimes a curse for the vulnerable community especially for the children and elderly people due to the scarcity of warm clothes. Realizing and empathizing with the need of the deprived, every year Prime Bank donates a handsome number of pieces of blanket through Prime Minister’s Relief and Welfare Fund, which was 100,000 pieces in 2021.

The city life is sometimes as gruesome to a segment of people as it is comfortable to the opposite segment. Prime Bank feels the need to support the underprivileged segment of the urban community, specially the homeless children loitering in the roads and streets of slums. To contribute to this segment, Prime Bank provided financial assistance to ‘Mama Bari Trust’, an organization operating since 2009 to ensure that children from impoverished urban households can pursue their education and other opportunities in life.