Abad (Crop Loan)

To help farmers, share cropper and landless farmers to bear the cost of tilling of land, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, seed etc. for producing different crops and vegetables.

Key Features

  • Loan size: Up to Tk.3.00 lac (or as determined by Bangladesh Bank updated guidelines)
  • Financing mode: Loan (General)
  • Tenure: Maximum 6 months (Maximum 12 months, where applicable & defined in Bangladesh Bank updated guidelines)


  • Any real farmers
  • Age is between 19 – 65 years of age (the borrower's age must not exceed 65 at the expiry of loan tenor)
  • Reside within locality/command area for minimum 2 years.
  • And others as applicable


  • Hypothecation of crops/vegetables
  • Personal Guarantee (PG)
  • Postdated cheque
  • Collateral: Registered mortgage (where applicable)
  • Group/Cross Guarantee from the Group members on non-judicial stamp paper is to be obtained (in case of loan is made by making a group)
  • And other security required as per banking rule

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