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Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) at a glance
The biggest CSR of Prime Bank is to establish Prime Bank Foundation to execute its corporate social responsibilities activities in a greater scale. Prime Bank Limited and Prime Bank Foundation are proud to continue CSR activities for the greater interest of country’s socio economic development:
01. Investment in Education:
a. Education Support Program: Believing education as a tool for social change, Prime Bank Foundation is proud to have another year of success of its Education Support Program launched in 2007. It is a long term, renewable scholarship program for underprivileged but meritorious students from across the country. In 2009 reporting year, 198 underprivileged but meritorious students, the highest in one year since its inception, have been included to provide with financial support in the form of monthly stipends for the persuasion of their graduation/post-graduation level studies in the country’s public sector universities and colleges. With the inclusion of these students, the total number of poor but meritorious students who are the recipients of Prime Bank Foundation stipends stood at 490.
b. Prime Campus: Prime Campus, an English medium school in Uttara, Dhaka, was created by Prime Bank Foundation in 2008 as an alternative to the expensive English primary schools at an affordable charge schedule.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility ensures we remain true to our heritage of integrity; maintain a long term point of view to make economically sound, environmentally responsible and socially supportive decisions. More specifically, we maintain an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and fairness in all our CSR practices; show compassion by becoming involved with and supporting local and national communities; and consistently act in a manner that fosters our stewardship and sustainability.
02. Work with Handicap Population
Investment in eradicating and preventing different disabilities such as drug addicts, blindness etc; setting up vocational training centers; undertake mass awareness raising campaigns etc.
03. Dristy Daan Project
Setting a target of sight restoration of 1200 poor/ultra poor citizens of the country, the Prime Bank Foundation started off the Dristy Daan project in 2007. A total of 1357 poor/ultra poor cataract patients were operated till date.
04. Health Care
Support setting up state-of-the-art hospital like Vellore CMC Health Care, Universal Health Care Centers; Eye Hospitals; Health Support to garment workers; more preventive activities; infant, child feeding and breastfeeding; support to facilities providing treatment and care of non-communicable diseases such as heart, and diabetes; activities related to prevention of maternal mortality and morbidities; setting up trauma centers etc.
05. Health Management
Developing SOPs; improving supervision; leadership training; nursing training; setting up accrediting body in the private sector; provide equipment to existing voluntary health facilities etc. Develop a CSR strategy of PBF, partnership support has been offered by one organization.

The bank has extended finance for establishing countrywide health centers and a teachers’ training college under the supervision and implementation of Diabetes Association of Bangladesh.

The bank has also provided financial support to an innovative, non-conventional yet a useful and much needed socio-medical project, popularly known as, "healthline" (accessible by dialing "789" from any mobile phone under Grameen Phone network) by Telemedicine Reference Center Limited (TRCL), the only registered telehealth and electronic health service provider in Bangladesh. The bank’s finance was made available for upgrading of existing project as well as set up offshore health line call centers for Bangladeshi workers based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The bank also financed TRCL to launch an Intensive Diabetes Management (IDM) services program in Bangladesh under its brand name "amcare".
06. Environment
Activities related to the prevention of environment degradation and promotion of environment; support people living in the coastal and ‘char’ areas; carbon trading etc. Another important undertaking by the bank also merits mentioning, which involves financing of a geo-textiles manufacturing project. Geo-textiles products are being used in ample quantity in construction of bridge and approach road, and building protection for riverbank, coastal, and embankment. Bangladesh being a riverine country is always in need of geo-textiles products, and implementation of such an import-substitute product manufacturing facility would definitely help the country to save drainage of foreign exchanges.
07. Support to Martyr Family
The loss of lives in the BDR carnage shocked the entire nation. Prime Bank came forward to support the Martyr families and donated Tk 2.5 million to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. PBL also took responsibility to support two such families @ Tk 0.48 million per year for ten years starting from 2009.
08. Games & Sports
The Bank participated in major sponsorship programs in the area of sports viz. Golf, Tennis to popularize the same among the public;
Financial assistance was provided to Bangladesh Cricket Board for development of the game.
09. Other CSR activities of the Bank
Donations of Passenger cum bed lift to Sylhet Diabetic Association Hospital.
Sponsoring 20 KVA Diesel Generator for Department of Development Studies, Dhaka University
Construction of Shahbag Foot Over Bridge
Awareness Campaign at the three international airports of the country against swine flu.
Improvement of Porter and Luggage Handling Services at the Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka.
Blankets and winter-clothes distribution among the winter distressed people of the society.
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