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Green Banking Disclosure
Achievements of Prime Bank Limited in Green Banking:
Prime Bank's achievements so far in the arena of Green Banking are detailed as below:
a. Publishing Green Annual Report following Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) format
Prime Bank Ltd has prepared "Sustainability Report" and successfully achieved the Materiality Disclosure Service under GRI G4 guideline for the year 2014, which has been accomplished by any Bank in Bangladesh. The Bank also prepared a "Sustainability Report" as per Bangladesh Bank's guideline. It may be here mentioned that, PBL's sustainability report in 2013 has fulfilled the requirement of "Application Level B" as declared by GRI.
b. Paper Consumption Management:
Use of scrap or one side used papers for note pad has become usual practice in the workplace.
One side used papers are also used for printing draft copies of the office assignments.
Arranging paperless Credit Review Committee meeting (both SME & Corporate) by soft copy presentation.
Most of the interbank correspondence is done by email instead of letter.
Requisition for printing & stationery, office stationery, printing of MICR cheque and pool car are done by online requisition software.
The bank has successfully introduced software named "E-DOC" for Credit Administration Division, which allows electronic archiving of documents against loans along with reminder system for better monitoring and control.
Trade Service Department has been centralized, which ultimately reduces paper consumption.
Human Resource Division has successfully launched online performance appraisal system.
During the year 2014, software named "Agenda and Compliance Management Software" was introduced, which eliminated the process of presenting paper based memo during the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board.
Currently nine (9) branches are well equipped to arrange video conference which ultimately reduces official travels and establishment of video conference facilities between major distant offices are under process.
c. Renewable Energy Usage:
Up to year 2014, The Bank has already installed solar panels at 21 branches as well as at 12 ATM booths and SME unit offices as part of its commitment to the usage of renewable energy resources.
d. Green Travel:
Prime Bank Ltd always encourages the officials to consider Green approaches for any business travel which reduce carbon emission. Moreover, use of public transport and car pooling system has been advised by Human Resource Division during 2014.
e. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
In addition to the Bank's own 170 ATMs, the Bank has joined National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB) network during the October, 2014 which enabled the Debit Cardholders of the Bank to enjoy cash withdrawal facility from other ATMs under NPSB Network.
f. Online Banking facilities
All the 146 branches of Prime Bank offer online banking facilities to its clients.
g. Capacity Building
On June 13, 2015, Prime Bank arranged a Green Banking workshop in its Head Office where Mr.Khandker Morshed Millat, DGM of Green Banking & CSR Department, Bangladesh Bank was the resource person. Around 25 officials/ executives from Head Office and Branches were participated in the workshop.

Moreover, Human Resource Training & Development Center of the Bank arranged 6 Green Banking training Programs for 148 employees during 2015 to familiarize with the Green Banking aspects and during 2014, Human Resource Training & Development Center of the Bank arranged 12 Green Banking training Programs for 403 employees.

In addition to that, officials of the Bank attended various training programs/workshop/seminars on Green Banking issues arranged by Bangladesh Bank Training Academy.
h. Customer Awareness Program
The Bank arranged a customer awareness program in Jessore on March 19, 2014 to create awareness among 120 participants to protect the environment from different pollution and hazards.
i. Green Financing
Prime Bank Limited has financed various projects which are environment friendly. During 2014, the bank has extended finance of BDT 6757.46 million in 24 projects having ETP. The bank has further strengthened its green banking initiatives by financing environment-friendly Hoffman Kiln and Zigzag based automated brick fields, which contribute towards a greener climate. The Bank has also disbursed 32.00 million to set up 4 (four) Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK) projects. During 2013, the Bank has extended finance of BDT 25.4 million for setting up ETP in one project. Moreover the Bank financed 373.52 million taka in 03 projects having ETP. The Bank has also disbursed 49.50 million to set up 01 (one) Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK) projects and 0.35 million taka for setting up Bio-Gas Plant.
j. Green Events
On June 05, 2015 Prime Bank Limited has observed World Environment Day by planting trees all over the countries to mark the occasion; the Managing Director of Prime Bank Limited planted a tree in the bank's Gulshan branch and distributed tree plant to some officials of the bank.
k. Way Forward
PBL is committed to build a sustainable business that brings benefit to the society, environment and the economy of Bangladesh. Some future planning regarding Green Banking are-
Increase both Direct and Indirect Green Financing. Special emphasizes to be given on Bangladesh Bank' enlisted existing 47 Direct Green Finance products and upcoming Direct Green Finance products.
Product Program Guidelines (PPG) to be developed and to be approved in line with Bangladesh Bank's enlisted existing 47 Direct Green Finance products for implementation in Prime Bank Limited.
A Climate Risk Fund shall be created for supporting the environmental disaster like flood, cyclone. Prime Bank shall finance in the affected areas at the regular interest rate without charging additional risk premium. Regular financing flows shall also be ensured in these vulnerable areas and sectors. The Climate Risk Fund should be a part of Prime Bank's CSR expenses.
Organize Green Events like observing World Earth Day, World Environment Day etc.
Now a days, Alternative Delivery Channel (ATM, Debit / Credit Card, Internet Banking, BACPS, BEFTN, SMS Banking, Bio-Metric Smart Card, Cash Back service) are ensuring modern banking facilities and PBL will introduce more creative services through Alternative Delivery Channel.
The Bank's remote branches will join meeting through Video Conference rather than physical visit.
Already solar panels have been installed in some of our branches, ATM booths & SME Unit Offices and we are expecting to expand the volume.
Continuously monitor the inventory details such as consumption of water, paper, electricity, gas, fuel etc. to reduce the consumption of the same and ultimately protecting the environment.
Arranging Training/Workshop related to Green Banking for our employees on continuous basis.
Planned to arrange more seminars to create customer awareness regarding Green Banking as well as to avail Green Products.
Sector Specific Environmental Policies are under development with assistance of FI Konsult which will be placed before Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors.
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