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Direct Green Finance Products
Bangladesh Bank enlisted 50 Direct Green Products are as below:
Prime Bank's achievements so far in the arena of Green Banking are detailed as below:
Category: Renewable Energy
Family: Bio-gas
Setting up of Bio-gas Plant in existing Dairy & poultry Farm
Integrated Cow Rearing and Setting up of Bio-gas Plant
Organic Manure from Slurry
Mid Range Bio-gas Plant
Biomass based large scale Bio-gas Plant
Poultry & Dairy based large scale Bio-gas Plant
Family: Solar Energy
Solar Home System
Solar Micro/Mini Grid
Solar Irrigation Pumping System
Solar PV Assembly Plant
Solar PV Plant capable to produce 1 MW or more Power
Solar Cooker assembly Plant
Solar Water Heater Assembly Plant
Solar Air Heater & Cooling System Assembly Plant
Solar Energy Driven Cold Storage
Surface Water Purification Plant through Solar Pump
Hydro-Power: Hydropower (Pico, Micro & Mini)
Wind- Power: Wind Energy driven Power Plant
Category: Energy Efficiency
Substitution of Conventional Lime Kiln by Energy Efficient Kiln
Substitution of Conventional lighting system, electronic material, Boiler with energy efficient alternatives on the basis of Energy Audit.
Auto sensor power switch assembly Plant.
Energy efficient Improved Cook Stove(ICS)/ICS Renewable / Hybrid Cook Stove Assembly Plant
LED Bulb/Tube Manufacturing Plant
LED Bulb/Tube Assembly Plant
Waste Heat Recovery System
Category: Solid Waste Management
Methane Recovery from Municipal waste & to produce Power
Municipal waste to Compost
Hazardous waste treatment facility
Fecal Sludge treatment & Recycling plant
Category: Liquid Waste Management
Biological Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
Combination of Biological & Chemical ETP
Conversion of Chemical ETP to Combination type (Chemical+Biological) of ETP
Waste Water Treatment Plant
Sewage Water Treatment Plant
Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)
Category: Alternative Energy
Production of Burnable Oil from waste Tire by the Process of Pyrolysis
Category: Fire Brick
Setting up of Hybrid Hoffman Kiln(HHK)/Tunnel Kiln/equivalent technology in Brick manufacturing Industry
Category: Non Fire Brick
Compressed Block-Brick
Auto Cleaved Aerated Concrete
Category: Recycling & Recyclable Product
Paper Waste Recycling Plant for production of recycled paper
Plastic Waste Recycling Plant (PVC, PP, LDPE, HDPE,PS)
Recyclable Baggage Manufacturing Plant
Recyclable Poly Propylene Thread & Baggage Manufacturing Plant
PET Bottle Recycling Plant
Solar Battery Recycling Plant
Used Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant
Category: Miscellaneous
Palm Oil Plant
Category: Green Project
Green Industry
Safe Working Environment for Textile and Garments Industry Workers
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