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Prime Bank Treasury
Prime Bank Treasury, the pioneer in the industry, provides diversified products and services with a stint of expertise of 16 years. Treasury has four desks equipped with experts in funding operation, liquidity and market risk management and foreign exchange dealings.
Four Treasury Desks are:
Money Market Desk:
Prime Bank money market desk regularly participates in the inter-bank money market of the country and exercise all types of existing money market products like call money, term money, Repo & Reverse-Repo etc.
Money Market Services:
Call lending & borrowing
Term placement and borrowing
Repo & Reverse Repo
Primary Dealer & Fixed Income Desk:
Prime Bank became a Primary Dealer in 2003. Bangladesh Bank devolves Government Treasury Bills and Bonds to the primary dealers for development of the secondary markets.
Primary Dealer Services:
Trading Treasury Bills and Bonds in the secondary market.
Acting as a Primary Dealer for Government Bonds and Securities.
Maintaining Cash Reserve Requirement (CRR) and Statutory Liquidity Requirement (SLR).
Providing financial advisory services to the prospective customers of Government securities for bond market development.
Prime Bank Govt. Securities Investment Window
Prime Bank Govt. Securities Investment Window offers investment services to both corporate and individual clients. The window efficiently manages all investment activities like participating in the primary auctions in favor of the clients, arranging of standard and customized tenor investment securities from the market, liquidation of investment securities as well as secondary trading of treasury bills and treasury bonds.
Investment in Govt. Treasury Bill & Bond
Govt. T-Bills with standard tenor of 91, 182 and 364 days maturity.
Govt. T-Bonds are available within 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 years maturity.
Minimum investment amount in Face Value of Taka one lac and its multiples.
Issued in scripless form (Dematerialized Format).
The central Bank releases monthly auction calendar through BB website.
T-Bills are issued/traded at a discount and redeemed at the face value at maturity.
Bonds are fixed coupon bearing debt instrument but issued/traded at par/premium/discount based on the tenor, coupon rate and market yield.
Bonds pay half yearly coupon interest and the principal is repaid on maturity.
Yield/Price is determined by the demand and supply in the market.
Both T-Bills and T-Bonds are tradable in the secondary market.
Key Features & Benefits of Investing in Govt. Securities
One needs to have/open a Bank Account and a Business Participants ID with Bangladesh Bank for investing/trading in Govt. Securities.
It is an absolutely risk free investment, since it is issued by the government.
One can get the attractive rate of interest since the yield is determined by the market.
Since these Bills and Bonds are tradable in the secondary market, one can obtain instant liquidity by selling them in the market.
All receipts of interest and principal are fully repatriable in case of foreign investment.
Central Bank of Bangladesh maintains fully automated scripless depository system named Market Infrastructure (MI) Module.
No, premature encashment is available. However, holder can sell G-Secs in the OTC and secondary market.
Currently 5% Tax is deducted on income earned from the T-bills or BGTB investment.
Eligible Investors in Govt. Securities
Individuals and Institutions residents in Bangladesh such as:
Banks, non-bank financial institutions
Insurance companies
Corporate bodies
Authorities responsible for the management of provident funds, pension funds etc.
Individuals both residents and non-residents (Foreign investors can invest only in Bonds)
For further information, please contact as follows:
1. Md. Asaduzzaman, Chief Dealer, Money & PD
Phone: +8801713-069624
2. Mohammad Ashikul Islam, Dealer, Money & PD
Phone: +8801709-648756
3. Md. Zahidul Islam Rana
Phone: +8801711-871282
Please click here for details about investing in Govt. Securities
Asset Liability Management (ALM) Desk:
Treasury is the driving force of ALCO. It executes the strategies of the Asset Liability Management Committee for effective management and monitoring of various balance sheet gaps. It takes various decisions regarding interest rate structure of deposits, loan to deposits ratio etc by evaluating the market scenario.
Asset Liability Management (ALM) Services:
Matching Volume of Assets with volume of liability in different tenors to minimize liquidity risk.
Provide rates of deposit of different deposit schemes.
Foreign Exchange Desk:
Foreign exchange operations are conducted to meet LC commitment and funding requirement needs of the customers. Prime Bank limited is one of the leading market makers in different foreign exchange products mainly USD/BDT spot, swaps, forward transactions in inter-bank market.
Foreign Exchange Services:
Trading of Foreign Currencies in terms of Spot & Forward etc.
Making quotations of foreign exchange rates in nine major currencies.
SWAP trading in USD/BDT.
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