Musharakah is a partnership-based financing model that promotes ethical and sustainable investments, shared risk, and reward where both the Bank and the client provide capital at an agreed upon ratio and manage the business jointly, share the profit as per agreed upon ratio and bear the loss, if any, in proportion to their respective equity. You can avail Musharaka in the form of,

  • Permanent Musharaka: In this type of Musharaka the period for termination of contract is not specified. Thus it is also called continued Musharaka. Though this type of Musharaka is intended to continue up to the dissolution of the enterprise/company, but one can sell his/her share of equity before dissolution.
  • Diminishing Musharaka: In this type of Musharaka the share of capital or ownership to the assets/property of the Bank gradually reduces and goes to the account of the Client.

with salient features like,

  • A Musharaka contract is executed between the Bank and you.
  • Equity is provided by the Bank and you according to an agreed ratio.
  • Profit is shared by the Bank and you according to an agreed ratio.
  • Banks can advice you or take part in the management of the Business.

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